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The youngest off-spring of the Guggenheim family
by Elodie LECADIEU
A new Guggenheim museum will open in 2012 in Abu Dhabi, bringing to six the number of such art-cum-business ventures.

A new Tarantino-Rodriguez diptych
by Thomas BORDIER & Marie-Dominique BEAU
Grindhouse is the latest cinematographic product of a long and fruitful collaboration between directors Quentin Tarantino and Roberto Rodriguez.

Paintings in Californian Wonderland
by Claire PESLHERBE & Ségolène PRADEAU
Visitors coming to Mark Ryden’s new exhibition in Los Angeles are expected to be wearing brown and green clothes to experience fully the artist’s “Tree Show.”
Rap wars and (almost) peace
by Benjamin SAFAR
A decade ago East Coast and West Coast rappers were at daggers drawn, literally. Today they are planning concerts together. How did this happen ?

Gloomy superheroes on screen
by Thomas BORDIER & Marie-Dominique BEAU
In 2007 dark and gloomy will be the dominant hues in both sequels and new adaptations of comic books for screen. From Ghost Rider to Iron Man, heroes are changing faces and sport a sombre mask.

The world’s first creationist museum to open next spring in Ohio.
by Mélanie SEPTIER
The Creation Museum, 10 miles from Cincinnati, Ohio, will open to the public next spring. It will be the first museum to present the biblical account of the creation of the world as “historically accurate”.

Tattoo boom
by Claire PESLHERBE & Ségolène PRADEAU
The tattoo industry is flourishing in the US, and particularly in Illinois, where a law dropping the legal age to get a tattoo from 21 to 18 was passed last year.
On Art awards, Stradivarius violins, the new Beatles show-cum-album and Apocalypto’s historical inaccuracies.

Biography of a mystery
by Claire PESLHERBE & Ségolène PRADEAU
One thing is for sure: Harry Houdini’s life is still shrouded in mystery. From the day the famous magician was born in 1874 to the day he died on Halloween night 1926, many things remain shadowy.
Chick Lit goes global
Chick-lit is a mostly female genre, written and essentially read by women, but this tremendously successful literature is progressively invading screens. Even men are getting in the mood.
On Pullman’s Dark Materials, and the late CBGB

Bollywood, a rival for Hollywood?
by Priscilla QUEULVÉE
Both “ollywoods” are huge film industries, but are they direct competitors ?
Tolle vs. Descartes?
by Celia MEURICE
Tolle is a contemporary Canadian spiritual guide, who aims at transforming individual and collective human consciousness and who claims to have debunked Descartes.
On Amitabh Bachchan, the newly revised Australian art “bible” and the relics of the Clash in Cleveland.

Christie’s, Sotheby’s and Getty in antiquity smuggling row.
by Anne-Claire NAYROLLES & Morgane ZUCCHI
The recent discovery of a cache of looted antiques in a luxury villa on a tiny Greek island has opened yet another chapter in the now heavy volume on antiquity trafficking.

Gods made in Bollywood
Indian gods and goddesses are plentiful, and new ones keep appearing all the time as Bollywood, the great divinity making machine, churns them out.
On blooks, censorship of the Rolling Stones and krumping.

American museums embroiled in illegal antiquities trade.
Several major American museums like the MET and the Getty have recently lost their credibility further to illegal trade. This thorny issue is being dealt with in very different ways by institutions on both sides of the Atlantic.

Brokeback Mountain revives the debate on gay love on screen.
by Anne-Claire NAYROLLES & Morgane ZUCCHI
Brokeback Mountain was awarded several Oscars for its artistic qualities but one of its greatest virtues is that the film revived the debate on homosexuality on screen.
On Queen Elizabeth’s Da Vinci drawings, Random House fortunes, and celebrating plays in which “nothing happens, twice”.

Foster’s Hong Kong canopy: gone with the financial whirl-wind.
by Van Nga Thi NGUYEN
Amidst controversy and financial uncertainties, the Hong Kong government has decided to postpone its flagship arts centre project.
Is Fantasy a growth industry?
by Sara BENDRIF & Adeline HUQUE
The last few years have seen works of fantasy topping the box-office and best-seller lists alike.
Bernard-Henri Lévy: a French writer face to face with the American press.
by Marie BLAS & Maïa PIRAT
American Vertigo: travelling America in the footsteps of Tocqueville, by French “philosopher” Bernard-Henri Lévy stirred up a lively polemic in the American press.
On stuffed goats, gothic nightmares, trendy crime fiction and rebels with a cause.
No sanction to bigotry, no assistance to persecution: 350 Years of Jewish Life in the USA.
by Caroline ADAM
Two major exhibitions on Jewish history are being shown on the East and West coasts. Both tell the stories of adults, children, immigrants and victims...
On Hollywood message films, South Africa’s black Jesus and Michael Jackson’s abaya.
A new w@y to read?
by Vincent MONDIOT
A new chapter in the war between computers and books unfolded in September 2005 when a large American writers association sued Google for using books without permission on its e-library project.
Dream Theater: the Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of.
Two decades on, Dream Theater is still one of the most creative & technical bands in Progressive Rock.
On Athletic Art Robbers, the Independent Film Mecca and its Acclaimed Prophet at Sundance, the Voyage Intérieur exhibition in Paris.
A Rough Diamond in the Dark.
The glamorous American diva Diamanda Galás sings memorial songs for the forgotten victims in History.

Chenjerai Hove: Portrait of an Eclectic Zimbabwean Writer cum Political Activist.
The story of one of Zimbabwe’s most respected novelists, currently living in exile in France.
On President Nixon's Library, Bruce Lee Bronzes and Spelling Mistakes
Lucy in the charts with diamonds
Forty years after they plugged in their first electric guitar, 1960’s rock stars are amazingly popular among today’s teenagers.
Hollywood gets lost in translation
by Christophe JAMOT
American cinema used to influence generations of movie directors round the world. Today Hollywood seeks scripts and ideas from abroad.
American literary outlaws and mainstream film directors
In the last few years, a string of American examples has demonstrated the fact that provocative prose makes good filmscript material.
July All Year Round
by Charlotte MARCHALANT
Miranda July’s break-through. Portrait of the American artist, darling of the underground scene turned international star.
On a naked and disabled statue, Nollywood, hyphenated museums, sexy safety devices and floating art.

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