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The Eclectic Gardener: an interview with Fergus Garrett, head gardener at Great Dixter
The gardens at Great Dixter, in East Sussex, are often quoted as the epitome of English plantsmanship. They were originally designed in 1910 by Edwin Lutyens, who started planning New Delhi shortly afterwards. What also makes these gardens very special is that year after year, they have been lovingly re-planted by their original owners, Nathaniel and Daisy Lloyd, and then more famously by their son, Christopher Lloyd, in close collaboration with Fergus Garrett, his head gardener.
Each Spring, Summer and Autumn, the bold experiments in colour and form in the topiary, the mixed borders, the exotic garden and the meadows attract horticulture enthusiasts from all over the world.
When the charismatic Christopher Lloyd passed away in January 2006, Fergus Garrett took the helm, with just as much charm and enthusiasm, in order to keep these extraordinary gardens alive and open to the public.
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The Ku Klux Klan, alive and kicking ?
by Guillaume LEFEVRE
The debate over immigration in the US might have prompted the resurgence of the KKK.

Can Ghana relaunch Pan-Africanism 50 years on?
by Nicolas CHEVET
On 6 March 1957, Ghana, a former British colony, became independent. Under its first president, Kwame Nkrumah, it paved the way for the emancipation of the black continent and the dream of a United States of Africa. Fifty years later, Ghana is once again at the head of the African Union, but times have changed.
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The youngest off-spring of the Guggenheim family
by Elodie LECADIEU
A new Guggenheim museum will open in 2012 in Abu Dhabi, bringing to six the number of such art-cum-business ventures.

A new Tarantino-Rodriguez diptych
by Thomas BORDIER & Marie-Dominique BEAU
Grindhouse is the latest cinematographic product of a long and fruitful collaboration between directors Quentin Tarantino and Roberto Rodriguez.
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Goodbye cash ?
by Marija BARIC
Why coins and bank notes are becoming an endangered species.
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Towards a new transplant scheme in the US
Four states in the USA have recently adopted a revision of the human organ donation law. This should facilitate donations and help fight both the shortage and the traffic of human organs.
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Record corn plantings and ethanol hopes
by Julie LE COZ & Nicolas TREVILLOT
Why are Americans planning to plant more corn this year than they have since the Second World War? The rising demand for ethanol (rather than a renewed culinary interest in corn on the cob) is the answer.

Acidic oceans: a major environmental hazard.
by Sébastien GERBAULT
Scientists have issued yet another alarming verdict on the state of the seas. Acidity is now threatening a vast array of sea-life.
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The 2012 Olympics: faster, higher, stronger ? or simply pricier ?
by Benjamin SAFAR
The full cost of the London Olympics will be over £9 billion. British tax-payers have thus added another adjective to the official Olympic motto, and are still puzzled as to who is actually going to foot the bill.
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