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ARTS & BOOKS December 2006
On Pullman’s Dark Materials, and the late CBGB

Philip Pullman's adventures in the far North adapted for screen By Elodie LECADIEU

The famous British novelist's trilogy, The Dark Materials, published in 1995, is going to be adapted for the screen.
Inspired by theology and legends, it tells the tale of a young girl called Lyra. She encounters characters from parallel universes and in the first book, entitled The Golden Compass, she travels to the Arctic to save children.
With production costs of eighty million pounds and a block-buster cast (Nicole Kidman, Daniel Craig, Eva Green and the newcomer Dakota Blue Richards as Lyra), the movie, directed by Chris Weitz, will be followed by the adaptation of The Subtle Knife and The Amber Spyglass, the two other volumes of the trilogy.

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Last show at CBGB By Eric GILLAUX

The legendary New York "Country Blue Grass and Blues" underground music club, better known as "CBGB", has announced its closure for an "undetermined period" almost thirty years after its creation by Hilly Kristal.
Due to many financial problems, and despite many famous supporters, this closure concludes a full year of conflict between the CBGB's direction and a neighbourhood association, the Bowery Residents' Committee.
To end 20 years of CBGB's underground music adventure, artists like Patti Smith or the Red Hot Chilli Peppers made very solemn finals shows. Before a hypothetical reopening in Las Vegas, they wanted to pass on a hopeful message : CBGB may be gone, but the music isn't.

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